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We aim to constantly improve our service to provide the best freelance opportunities for our users. We take great care of our backlog and prioritize features that are the most demanded by our users.

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1 Sep 2022

Updates moved to our Telegram channel

We are now posting app updates regularly to our Telegram channel

10 Jan 2022

Released @ 0.2.5

Exclude keywords & name your scanners!

Give that scanner a name, already! 🏷

Got lost in the list of scanners? Our new feature allows you to give an arbitrary name to your scanners.

Exclude unwanted search items 💰

Our new Advanced Search box allows you to exclude certain keywords from search results. Try excluding "full time" or "no agencies" keywords from your scanners. Be careful not to miss on some opportunities, though!

Minor bug fixes and improvements for web app & slack feeds 

  • Fixed issue with sending outdated job posts for initial Slack feed trigger;
  • Fixed duplicate feeds bug;
  • Improved engine to search across job attributes, ids and skills;
  • Other minor fixes

25 Dec 2021

Released @ 0.2.4

US Only and UK Only jobs, Budget filters, and Merry Xmas!

Browse Upwork 🇺🇸 US Only and 🇬🇧 UK Only jobs on GigRadar

We just extended the Location filter with the ability to filter jobs by the preferred freelancer location. You can also select to target the jobs that aim for those locations exclusively.

New Budget Filter 💰

Clients on Upwork sometimes put weird $5 budgets for the job if they have no idea what it should be. On you can filter Upwork Jobs by budget ignoring placeholders ($5/$10/$999, etc).

Minor bug fixes and improvements for web app & slack feeds 

  • Displaying UK only job badge
  • Fixed bugs with empty feeds after resetting location filters
  • Other minor UI fixes

16 Dec 2021

Released @ 0.2.2

Exclude locations

You can now exclude certain locations from Scanners. The search bar got an updated look and a performance indicator.

15 Dec 2021

Released @ 0.2.1

Location FIlter

You asked for it and we have delivered! Match jobs by one or several locations! Something default filters on Upwork are missing.

Upwork Location Filters

December 2021

Released @ 0.1.0

Community Launch

We launched GigRadar Community to unite freelancers and agencies across the globe.

November 2021

Released @ 0.1.0

Beta release

We have released GigRadar to a private group of beta testers. The initial features include:

  • Real-time job feed notifications

  • Upwork Integration

  • Slack Integration

  • Email notifications

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