Autonomous Lead Generation Engine for Upwork agencies.

GigRadar helps agencies to cut down customer acquisition costs and increase marketing performance up to 10X by removing the need for an Upwork bidding team.

5,015,479+ Jobs

148,610+ Proposals

94+ Agencies

226 Deals

$4M+ Revenue

Let us apply for you 🚀

We will send customized proposals for you, within minutes of job creation, 24/7, seriously.

Just target the jobs you want and supply us with example templates. Let us handle the rest, while your team is focused on what's really important for your business.

Get your real-time notifications 🔔

Be the first one to apply by receiving real-time alerts for recommended jobs, proposal replies, and invitations. Choose the best way to get it: Slack, Telegram, Email, or Discord (coming soon).

GigRadar Score™️ is based on your preference and more than 50 job parameters to recommend the best matches.

Finally, some advanced analytics for your Upwork Agency 📊

Get more data than ever before and use it to level up your marketing game.

  • Analyze your profile stats
  • Measure the performance of your bidding team
  • Monitor profile views
  • See all your proposals at once

Join the No. 1 community of Top-Rated agencies 👥

Get access to the mastermind of over 30+ Top Rated agencies worldwide.

  • Find help for your projects.
  • Get referred to the best jobs.
  • Refer others to jobs and get paid.

Flexible Pricing

Start with a base subscription and scale as you go. There are no limits on the size of your team or the number of proposals. With GigRadar, you can focus on the quality of your work instead of looking for it.

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