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Italo Leiva - CEO

Italo Leiva CEO Peddle

We were doing a lot of lead-gen on Upwork, so much so that I hired two full-time lead generators just to do applications every day for us.

We were able to do the same thing with GigRadar and replace two full-time employees with using the AI feature. It's saving costs and speeding up bids significantly. Great results!

Radko Maksym - CEO

Radko Maksym CEO IT Squad

Hello, guys. My name is Max, and I'm the CEO of IT Squad, a Shopify development team. I started using GigRadar seven months ago, and this tool has increased my sales by three times.

Previously, we had a 5% to 7% reply rate on Upwork, but after these guys joined our team, our sales increased by 17%-20%.

This is an incredible increase for us. So, I want to thank these guys and hope to continue our collaboration with all of their new tools. Thank you, and bye-bye.

Daria H - Sales Manager

Daria H. Sales Manager Software Company

I have been using GigRadar for three months now and I can say that it is not only the tool that allows you to have a consistent reply rate, to make your proposals accurate, but also about allocating some of your time to other tasks due to the fact that you understand that you have reliable software that can help you with your day-to-day work and be a partner in this big process as a lead generation on the Upwork platform.

Lena K - Sales

Lena K. Sales Software Company

Hi everyone! GigRadar has made my job as a salesman so much easier. Their proposals are on target and ready in a few moments.

Our agency has been using GigRadar for around 5 months now, and the results speak for themselves. Our conversion rate has gone up by around 10%, and we are seeing about 2 fresh leads every day.

Before sending out proposals took forever, but with GigRadar, I've got more time to talk to potential clients and build relationships.

If you're in sales like me, GigRadar is a must-try. It's like having a secret weapon for boosting sales and saving time.

Give it a shot and watch your success grow. Cheers to better sales and less stress!

Oksana - Lead Generator

Oksana S. Lead Generator IT Company

I'm a lead generator at a software development company. I'm a constant search for interesting projects for our developers and designers. I'm old-fashioned and I prefer sending proposals myself, but GigRadar gives me an opportunity to receive notifications about the most recent offers on our platform, which helps me greatly. Thank you for that.

Pavlo K - Head of Sales

Pavlo Kravchenko Head of Sales Wedex

Hi everyone, my name is Pavlo, and I am the head of the sales department at WEDEX, a digital marketing agency.

We started using Gigradar in April this year, in five months of fruitful cooperation we managed to achieve good results. For example, the average conversion to U is 25% and the response rate is about 10%.

GigRadar is one of our best Upwork lead generators. It allows us to scale efficiently, and of course, I would like to note the good technical support provided by the service.

Happy GigRadar Customer

Serhii Kovchenko Sales SpreadLogics

Hi, we are an agency on Upwork, and we started using Gigradar around 2-3 months ago. We noticed that the number of leads and the views of our profile has increased since we started using GigRadar. We are in the process of fine-tuning and setting up new scanners, hoping to achieve even better results.

Alejandro R - CEO Digital Agency

Alejandro R. CEO Digital Agency

Hi, I'm Alex. I've been using GigRadar for around four months now, and since then, they've been taking care of everything with my proposals.

I've been getting around 2-3 leads a week from them, and I've been able to close 5 deals, increasing my revenue by 25-30% in just a couple of months.

So I'm very happy with their service. It takes a little time to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it, it's really, really good.

I recommend everyone to join the program while you can.

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