GigRadar Case Studies

Our goal is to ensure that every single Upwork Agency can fully rely on GigRadar for their lead generation needs. Below are the thoughts and voices of agencies that have been using us for multiple months, and have seen transformative results:


PND Agency - Anna Shtonda

We Made $30k After Switching to an Agency!

From her early days on Upwork with virtually no success to now running an entire Graphic Design agency on the freelance platform, Anna shares her story of struggle, resiliency and a bit of good fortune!

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IT Squad - Max Radko

We Doubled Our Leads on Upwork!

From launching his own agency at just 23, to mastering the art of lead generation on Upwork with IT Squad, Max Redko reveals the pivotal role GigRadar played in doubling his team and turbocharging his agency's success!

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COXIT Agency - Volodymyr Hresko

2 New Contracts on Day 1!

From a college student that didn't have money for basic necessities, to an agency owner with over $1 Million in earnings on Upwork, Volodymyr shares his Upwork experience and how GigRadar changed the game for him!

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