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Is ChatGPT going to break Upwork?

Dmytro Poberezhnyi2023-03-02

The main thing is that GigRadar is launching LeadBrew –  our home-brewed newsletter, especially for our busiest customers! ⏰

Is ChatGPT going to break Upwork?

Being a client, it is not very charming to see all those AI-generated cover letters. They're excellent, but.... random?

At GigRadar we are working on a much more powerful AI model, trained exclusively on Upwork cover letters (which don't look like your high school essay).

But that's secondary news. The main thing is that GigRadar is launching LeadBrew –  our home-brewed newsletter, especially for our busiest customers! 

📡 GigNews

🔍 ChatGPT Integration that we deserve

We've been playing around with ChatGPT and found that it can help you set up your scanner more easily. We even created a prompt to generate 30 relevant keywords for your niche. Say goodbye to manual keyword research and hello for more time for what really matters!

🚨 Upwork is flooded with scam

According to lead gen witnesses, there is a widespread scam on Upwork. Fortunately, Upwork is refunding connections from those jobs, but your mental health won't be compensated. We've described the scheme in detail on our Telegram channel.

💰 Belkins invested in GigRadar

In other exciting news, we've got a powerful new investor on board: Belkins (Folderly), a market leader in B2B lead generation. Their investment will help us create innovative technology and expand GigRadar's abilities even faster.

💻 "I swear I didn't search for Worpdress, I work with mobile dev!"

We've added a new keyword highlighting feature to the preview section. Now you can easily spot why a job was included in your search results and make adjustments accordingly. Efficiency and accuracy just got a whole lot better!

🗞️ LeadGenNews

🚫 FCC Considering Banning Transfer of Online Consent Forms

The new FCC proposed rules may disrupt the lead generation industry, with a potential ban on obtaining a single consumer consent for multiple marketers. Theoretically, this will increase the popularity of Upwork as a lead generation platform, where there is no consent needed.

Takeaway? Other businesses may come and take your place... Prepare your Upwork strategy in advance 🙂

⭐️ Bonus

Top-Paying Upwork Categories for the last 6 months

The time of random Upwork actions has come to an end. We're here to supply you with more data to power your business decisions 🚀

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