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How to Secure a $10K Opportunity on Upwork with Just One Proposal?

Dmytro Poberezhnyi2023-04-12

It's no secret that before rebranding as GigRadar, we were known as Scalifier, a powerhouse in lead generation services for Upwork and other freelancing platforms. Our approach to lead generation, particularly in customizing cover letters, was unyielding. To us, "customization" isn't merely finding a client's name in Upwork feedback or solving puzzles like "write a banana if you're not a bot.", thereafter composing cover letters with generic templates such as "We are the BEST company with 1312 developers onboard!!!11". This widespread tactic is shamelessly labeled as a "customized approach" by many agencies, but let's face it – it's pure BS. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Crafting tailored proposals for the software development sector from the perspective of SDR / Leadgen Manager, with no technical background, requires a blend of wizardry and diligent research.

While AI offers invaluable assistance in such cases today, take a trip down memory lane and explore the old-school proposal crafting techniques that empowered our top SDRs to achieve an impressive 20% LRR in fiercely competitive niches:

💰Our GigRadar's scanner locked onto a high-potential project, and with razor-sharp focus, we stepped up to the challenge:

1️⃣ Swiftly assessing the landscape, tapping into Quora for just... one minute, and success:

2️⃣ Eager client requests an appointment without further delay:

What fueled this extraordinary outcome?

Questions Section:

The art of proposal writing, demystified:

➡️ Meticulously examining the attached documents, exploring the links, and skillfully rephrasing them in the proposal: showcasing comprehension.

➡️ Pinpointing the client's core concerns and identifying their true need: a sleek financial tracking tool.

➡️ Resourcefully turning to Quora and Google for vital information with a non-tech background (back in 2021, before ChatGPT's era).

➡️ Addressing every question and request with precision, reinforcing statements with a relevant portfolio case.

➡️ Fashioning a visually appealing, well-organized UX and format for the proposal.

➡️ Incorporating pertinent information in the cover letter, eliminating unnecessary filler.

The result?

A proposal that hits the mark with unerring accuracy! 🎯

The key to transforming overlooked proposals into lead-generating triumphs lies in going the extra mile. Investing just a few more minutes in thorough research and honing a deep understanding of your prospects can make all the differencesfully.

It's this dedication and attention to detail that will set you apart and pave the way to success!

✍️ At GigRadar, we're dedicated to helping you achieve outstanding results in lead generation. As part of our subscription service, we provide assistance with proposal writing and share our best practices for success.

Book a demo with one of our representatives to learn more about how we can help you win new clients and stand out in competitive niches!

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