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How to Land $26,000 on Upwork in Just One Month?

Dmytro Poberezhnyi β€’ 2023-05-26

Our clients have just shared a complete guide on how they achieved this. Srsly.

Hello LeadBrew enthusiasts! This week we're taking you on a wild ride into the world of audacious triumphs and jaw-dropping revenues. 🀯 Leading the charge is, a team that turned the formidable GigRadar into a goose that lays golden eggs, amassing an incredible $26.2K in a single month! Their secret recipe? A potent blend of innovative technology, relentless fine-tuning, and good old-fashioned hard work. πŸ’ͺ Get ready to be inspired by a story of tenacity, creativity, and entrepreneurial grit. Plus, don't miss out on the latest buzz from the gig economy and some sage advice from industry leaders. Let's dive in! 🌊

Invested time in GigRadar's setup:

Manual Upwork leadgen believer:

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🎯 Tagline Tango!

Due to popular demand from our cherished users, we've rolled out the 'Title-only' search feature! Hunting for that perfect Front-End developer with the ideal tech stack from your preferred client just got a lot simpler!

P.S.: We've just rolled out the red carpet for 3 coding ninjas and 1 design wizard to join our squad last week. Buckle up, 'cause they're all set to bring game-changing enhancements to GigRadar's usability, performance, and scalability. More power to you, gigstars!

🧈 Strikes Gold: Rakes in $26.2K in a Month Harnessing the Power of GigRadar! has successfully cashed in an impressive $26.2k in just one month. They managed to achieve this feat by leveraging GigRadar. The secret to their success didn't just rest with their choice of tool, but also in their tenacious approach to fine-tuning it.


  • The team wasn't afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive deep into the settings of GigRadar, tweaking templates, experimenting with filter settings, and playing around with keywords and antikeywords. Their continuous efforts turned the initial setup from a seemingly insurmountable task into a finely-tuned machine that pumped out successful bids.
  • But let's not sugarcoat it, the journey was not all rainbows and unicorns. Even with automation, they faced the challenge of turning leads into contracts. Despite scoring an impressive 156 replies from 1527 bids, closing contracts still required a good old-fashioned human touch. The team found themselves making personal follow-ups, scheduling calls, and pouring over negotiations.
  • One of their hard-earned victories was a contract with a client from Japan. It took the patience of a saint and the persistence of a bulldog to close the deal: 8 calls, several follow-ups, and what we can only assume were copious amounts of caffeine.
  • is a team that is not resting on their laurels though. They continue to use GigRadar as an invaluable part of their sales strategy, optimizing their templates, tweaking their categories, and improving their conversion rates. But they also appreciate the importance of a personal touch, so they complement the automated bidding with customized, heartfelt letters.

Read full Case Study on Roman’s LinkedIn

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