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Unlock Secret Upwork Tactics with GigRadar: Grab Your Exclusive Promocode Inside

Dmytro Poberezhnyi β€’ 2023-06-09

New week, fresh features, satisfied customers and an exclusive promocode. Get on board!

Hello there, GigRadar family!

Β Phew! We've had quite a rollercoaster ride this past week, haven't we? Our team has been neck-deep in work, getting our hands dirty and gears grinding. So much so, we had to put our usual marketing shenanigans on a brief hold.

But, hey, we're back! And although this edition of our newsletter might be a little shorter than you're used to, we promise it's jam-packed with thrilling updates and cool news we're itching to share.

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride, because this journey is about to get exciting! 🎒

πŸ“‘ GigNews

Unveiling Fresh Tamara's Case Study + Special Promo Code

Guess what, folks? Remember Tamara's riveting case study that kept you on your toes? Well, she's back! Back with even more insights, more answers to your burning questions, and of course, more excitement. Β 

This brand-new case study is a buffet of knowledge, covering:

  • Her recent actions and tactics πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ
  • The results they yielded πŸ“ˆ
  • The bumps on the road 🚧
  • Her succinct summary πŸ“
  • And the thrilling next steps on her journey πŸ›£οΈ

But wait, there's more! Tamara's sprinkled a little magic in this case study - a special promo code just for you!

If you've been mulling over joining the GigRadar family, here's your golden ticket! So, don't hold back - dive in, explore, and unlock your own success story 🎟️

🎈 Our micro CRM is getting a serious upgrade!

Get ready to streamline your processes and laser-focus your results. Now, you can sift through your business managers' outputs and easily locate those vital proposals and replies. More CRM-ish, more control, more success!

πŸ“ CSV-ify Your GigRadar Experience!

Got a soft spot for spreadsheets? We've got you covered. We know our existing webhook feature allows for a smooth data transfer to your favorite CRM tools like Pipedrive or Hubspot. But we've listened to you and we're introducing a new feature - downloading all proposals via CSV! Your data, your way.

P.S. Hang tight, these super filters are dropping NEXT WEEK! Gear up for some major organization game-changers! πŸš€πŸ’Ό

🚨 WARNING 🚨 Upwork just cranked up the connect cost: it now takes up to a whopping 16 connects to bid on a job. Stay alert and budget wisely!

πŸ—žοΈ LeadGenNews

πŸ’₯ Got a thing for landing hot appointments?

Our buddies over at Belkins have got the secret sauce! Dive into their slick guide, 'An SDR’s Guide to Qualified Appointment Setting'. Packed with killer tips and juicy real-life examples, it's your golden ticket to spotting keen-as-mustard prospects on platforms like Upwork. A must-read if you're all about ramping up conversions and rolling in revenue. Let's get qualifying, folks! πŸ’Ό

Alright, my lead-brewing friends, that's a wrap on this week's newsletter! With our newly upgraded infrastructure, we're blasting through gig searches like a rocket on overdrive. Plus, with our expanded team, we're cranking up the heat on our content game, so expect even more insights and goodies coming your way. As the cogs of GigRadar keep turning, we'll continue to bring you the best of the gig world.

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