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πŸ—½ How to Create Winning Upwork Proposals for North American Clients?

Dmytro Poberezhnyi β€’ 2023-04-13

πŸ˜‰ Gotcha! Think global, act local: Clients worldwide value well-crafted proposals, not just in NA. If your lead generation manager claims, "Yes, I do, I customize," but struggles with replies, it's time to check your Upwork proposals, hehe.

Hey there GigRadar fam! πŸ‘‹

LeadBrew is back with another action-packed weekly update, packed to the brim with exciting news and valuable insights! From unearthing golden proposal techniques to introducing our game-changing Regional Search feature, we've got it all.

And guess what? Even Barbie* is jumping on board, using GigRadar to conquer Upwork! Buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride through the latest and greatest in the world of freelancing! 🎒

*yes, it's a joke. We're serious, it's a joke.

πŸ“‘ GigNews

πŸ“œ Golden Age of Proposal Crafting: Pre-ChatGPT Techniques

Discover tried-and-true methods that yielded fantastic lead generation results in highly competitive niches. Unearth the secrets of our tailored approach and rigorous research that bolstered our top SDRs before the ChatGPT revolution! πŸ”

The Takeway: This proposal got an instant reply for $10.000-worth contract! How did we do it? Dive into our blog post to find out: here

✍️ 5 Tips for Crafting Winning Proposals: A Blast from the Past

Ready to level up your Upwork proposal game? If you're too lazy to check out our case study above, here are five top tips for writing highly customized proposals that resonate with clients:

1️⃣ Dive Deep: Carefully review the attached documents, explore the provided links, and skillfully rephrase them in your proposal to demonstrate understanding.

2️⃣ Unearth Client Needs: Pinpoint the client's core concerns and identify their true needs (e.g., a sleek financial tracking tool).

3️⃣ Be Resourceful: Use platforms like Quora and Google to gather crucial information, even without a tech background (hello, pre-ChatGPT days of 2021!).

4️⃣ Address All Details: Respond to each question and request with precision, and reinforce your statements with relevant portfolio examples.

5️⃣ Prioritize Presentation: Craft a visually appealing and well-organized UX and format for your proposal. Emoooojis, yasss!

6️⃣ Cut Fluff: Include pertinent information in your cover letter and eliminate unnecessary fillers.

🌍 Introducing GigRadar's new filter: Regional Search

We're excited to announce our brand new feature: Regional Search! Now, you can explore job opportunities across entire regions, just like on Upwork. Say goodbye to selecting individual countries, and enjoy seamless browsing with a single click for entire regions.

πŸ› οΈ Bonus Update: More Filters on the Way!

Keep your eyes peeled for two additional filters in the settings: Workload and Company Size. We're currently testing these features and will fine-tune them within the next day or two.

⭐️ Just a Random Upwork Job Postings

πŸ—žοΈ LeadGenNews

🎨 Microsoft Edge: Desperate Times Call for AI Measures!

Microsoft is rolling out Edge's AI image generator to everyone, in a bid to stay relevant in the browser wars.

πŸ“ˆ Upwork Q1 2023 Financial Results: Mark Your Calendars!

Heads up, folks! Upwork is set to report its first-quarter financial results for 2023 on May 3rd. Stay tuned for valuable insights into the platform's performance and growth.

πŸ’Ό Gig Economy Expands: Rodeo App Secures Funding

The gig economy continues to thrive, with more industries embracing the flexible work model. Upwork is bound to grow even larger as a result! Check out the latest success story: Rodeo, a fintech app, recently secured funding to further develop its gig economy platform.

Ready for your Upwork success story? Book a demo with GigRadar below!

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