How a Machine Learning Agency Landed 2 High-Value Clients on Day One with GigRadar!

A Broke Entrepreneur with a Dream

Upwork has turned into amazing marketplace for freelancers around the world, and no one knows this better than COXIT, a software development agency specializing in machine learning and computer vision. The agency, under the leadership of Volodymyr Hresko, started out as a one-man army consisting of a broke Ukrainian college student that was looking for ways to make money just to get by.

When reflecting on those days, Hresko noted:

I was doing some random jobs.... But it was fun, because they paid me in US dollars, and for students at that time to turn 50 bucks overnight was an amazing experience!

Well, it look like our broke college student turned out pretty well :D

Fast forward a few years, and COXIT agency has now surpassed the $1 million revenue milestone on Upwork! However, with the advancement of AI and tools like ChatGPT, Hresko and his team were thrown into turbulent waters.

The Upwork AI Revolution

Before learning about GigRadar, COXIT relied on manual lead generation, with a dedicated in-house team working long hours to craft personalized proposals. However, the effectiveness of this traditional approach began to wane as AI-generated content became prevalent, making it increasingly difficult to stand out. Reflecting on this shift, Hresko remarked:

After the release of ChatGPT and other LLMs, the proposal doesn't really matter anymore... and we needed to change our strategy. So we started writing shorter proposals, but sending them much faster, providing as much value as possible in under 500 words.

Hresko found that the timing of proposal submissions had become a critical factor in securing leads, as proposals submitted within the first 10-15 minutes were the ones most likely to get a reply. Naturally, this required a solution that could ensure prompt responses to potential clients around the clock...

Hmm, I wonder what solution that could be... 🤔

GigRadar To The Rescue 🦸‍♂️

Hresko, thanks to some colleagues in his network, heard about GigRadar and saw it as a potential solution to address COXIT's lead generation challenges. Its autonomous bidding feature and the ability to respond swiftly to job postings revolutionized COXIT's performance, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge in a saturated market. While discussing this, Volodymr noted:

I tested GigRadar over the last few months. And I really see that, with GigRadar, the view rate [for our proposals] is at least twice bigger.

In fact, GigRadar's automation capabilities not only enhanced the efficiency of lead generation but also allowed COXIT to make better use of their resources, primarily focusing on finding and closing high-quality projects rather than on manual bidding processes that came with their own issues. When asked whether or not the lead generation team proved to be effective, Volodymyr noted:

No, hiring is complicated, and firing is even more complicated..

Instant Return on Investment 🚀

The adoption of GigRadar had immediate and significant effects on COXIT's lead generation success. Within the first night of implementation, the agency received two lead replies, one of which quickly converted into a lucrative long-term project.

When inquiring about the volume of these contracts, Hresko noted:

I'm not going to draw numbers, but.... we've actually got paid for two people for two weeks of work. And now we are going to move this discovery phase into MVP development. And we are going to have a team of three full time people on the project.... We don't overcharge, but we also take our money."

Top of The Machine Learning Niche 🥇

COXIT's strategic use of GigRadar has not only streamlined their lead generation process but also reinforced their unique position on Upwork. By focusing on their niche expertise in machine learning and computer vision, and leveraging GigRadar's automation capabilities, COXIT has been able to differentiate itself from competitors.

When asked on whether or not their new position in the marketplace has had an effect on their pricing, Volodymyr comically noted:

We want our clients to have good pricing because, if you're going to spend some amount of money like $50,000 for a bad machine learning team, you're computer vision software, or machine learning software is probably going to destroy the world!

We thought he was joking of course, but after reading such news, maybe Hresko has a point... Don't cheap out on your machine learning team.

The Future of Upwork with AI

When asking Hresko his thoughts regarding the AI revolution on Upwork communication, he stated:

I don't like that much what's going with these platforms... Because a lot of people are not even thinking that they can work with AI together to make a better proposal and bring better value, they just put some random prompt to ChatGPT and generate some bull💩. It will be interesting to see how Upwork deals with that.

Volodymyr also noted that, even though GigRadar is very useful resource, it's not a magic pill that solves all lead generation problems and requires tinkering and adjusting. When asked how he works with the tool, he stated:

I spend one or two hours every day with GigRadar optimizing's not going to work paid fees, for GigRadar and it just works. No, it's never going to work like that.

Final Thoughts

So, COXIT teamed up with GigRadar and they totally rocked the Upwork boat by intelligently automating the heck out of lead generation. With some super cool innovations, laser-focused targeting, and a sprinkle of manual tweaking, COXIT is now killing it in the digital freelancing scene of machine learning. It's like they've shown everyone how to ride the wave of tech changes without wiping out. Talk about setting the bar high for agencies looking to make their mark!

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